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Every Coloradan Deserves a Home

We serve men, women, and children facing homelessness with the ultimate goal to decrease the likelihood they will become homeless again. We help our clients find a path to self-sufficiency through services like job assistance, money management, and case management.

The Samaritan House opened in November 1986 and was the first building in America designed specifically as a homeless shelter. Samaritan House became a model for the nation for what a “home” for the homeless can be.

The distinction between “home” and “shelter” was significant when conceptualizing the facility. A shelter provides the basics, maybe some food and short-term protection from life on the street. However, a home is a place of nurturing, providing stability and skills, which enables residents to consider a future.

Located in the heart of downtown Denver, Samaritan House supplies close to 25% of the shelter housing available to families in the Denver area.

Where it started:

“I know that all of the people of the Archdiocese are deeply concerned about the suffering of the homeless and are anxious to extend a hand of help whenever possible.  May I recommend Samaritan House as an object of your financial generosity in assisting the homeless and poor amoung us."

James Francis Stafford,
Archbishop of Denver

From the Denver Catholic Register
November 19, 1986:

Samaritan House Transitional Housing Program

126 Men

48 Women

21 Families

150 Women
on Emergency Basis

= 297+ Individuals Sheltered Nightly

About our program:

  • Residents can stay up to 4 months
  • Zero tolerance program
  • Everyone is eligible for services unless they have specific criminal convictions
  • People can enter program through the lottery or by referral

At the completion of the Samaritan House program:

Single Residents and Families have Income
Single Residents have Housing
Families have Housing

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About Us

Samaritan House is a ministry operated by Catholic Charities, a 501(c)(3). Since 1986, we have helped people secure sufficient food and clothing, the ability to earn a living wage and affordable housing.

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