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Our Program

It’s not just a place to sleep.
We provide a temporary home, a place for new beginnings.

Each of our residents is matched with a case manager who helps him/her navigate our 120-day Residential Program. Each resident commits to goals that will help them obtain stable income and housing.

We supply about 25% of the shelter housing available to families in the Denver area.

120-Day Residential Program Requirements

  • Attend “Employment” and “Life Skills” class series
  • Attend “Housing” and “Money Management” class series
  • Regularly submit “Job Search” and “Housing Search” logs
  • Regularly deposit earnings into a supervised, personal housing fund
  • Meet regularly with Case Manager

Our Shelter Accommodations

  • 48 beds for the Veterans program
  • 126 beds for individuals
  • 25 Family Rooms, for up to 100 children
  • Women's Emergency Shelter for more than 225 women

Special Programs for Special Needs

We offer special programs that cater to the needs of families, singles, and veterans including:

  • Individualized plans and life skills classes
  • An employment center with computers and internet
  • Faith-based classes
  • Individual and family counseling (in coordination with our Regina Caeli Clinical Counseling)
  • Parent-child connection groups
  • Tutoring
  • School enrollment assistance
  • On-site health care clinic
  • Assistance securing benefits
  • Fully stocked warehouse to provide clothing and personal items
  • Legal aid
  • Transportation assistance on a limited basis for those seeking work
  • Motel vouchers for families who qualify

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About Us

Samaritan House is a ministry operated by Catholic Charities, a 501(c)(3). Since 1986, we have helped people secure sufficient food and clothing, the ability to earn a living wage and affordable housing.

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2301 Lawrence St., Denver, CO 80205

EIN: 84-0686679