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We provide

  • A warm bed, clean linens, and toiletries
  • A hot meal and community atmosphere
  • Case management and life skills classes
  • Community resources and referrals

We make a difference

Last year alone:

  • 200,000 shelter nights provided
  • 850 beds each night in Denver
  • 70,000 volunteer hours at Samaritan House
  • $1.76 average cost per meal at Samaritan House

Contact us

2301 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303-294-0241
Fax: 303-294-9523

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The thing that I am proudest about is the fact that Samaritan House is the result, I think, of welcoming every person who comes through that door with the dignity of a child of God. This is the basic philosophy on which the Samaritan House is founded and operates.

Archbishop James V. Casey
From the Denver Catholic Register November 19, 1986

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About Us

Samaritan House is a ministry operated by Catholic Charities, a 501(c)(3). Since 1986, we have helped people secure sufficient food and clothing, the ability to earn a living wage and affordable housing.

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Our Address

2301 Lawrence St., Denver, CO 80205

EIN: 84-0686679